Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sprinkle some Love..

As a child, I had to have every dessert with sprinkles on top.  Even now, funfetti cake is my favorite & I always grab for the donut with sprinkles first.  Maybe its the colors that draw me to it, or the sweet crunchiness it adds to everything.  I'm obsessed!!

So why not have everything covered in...SPRINKLES!

:Skinny cow Ice cream sprinkle sandwiches, mmmm:

:Sprinkles on your nails:

:Milk with sprinkles on top:

:Sprinkles (the brand) Cupcakes, their red velvet is my FAV!:

:Sprinkled lips = delish:

:Sprinkles on my 3rd Birthday:

Sprinkles are inexpensive simplicity at its finest :)



Nicole said...

love those lips! Def. want to try that for a photoshoot!

Unknown said...

how fun, such a good idea!!

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