Sunday, March 4, 2012


Today was quite the productive Sunday!

Thanks to Pinterest I found some much needed inspiration for the bare spot on my living room wall.

The Materials are as follows:
Hot glue gun
Large box frame with no backing or glass attached

:Excuse my lovely spring break jacket...haha, flip the frame backwards and place the twigs wherever you think they fit best:

:After about an hour of hot gluing, this was the final product.... SO EXCITED!
It's only hanging by two nails in each corner:

Hope you had a crafty Sunday!


Heather said...

That project is the coolest, I'm so doing that!! Awesome idea.

And p.s., I stopped by from Hannah's blog, and your new layout is so cute!


S said...

Thank you Heather! Yes its cheap & super easy, have fun doing it!


Hannah said...

Sarah!! THIS IS AMAZING! me and all my friends are like obsessed with this and you right now!

S said...

Thanks love!! Glad you like it :) it was only $30 total, andddd I bet you could make it for even cheaper depending on the frame!

Shannon Gallegos said...

WOW WOW WOW! Just stumbled upon your fun blog through 17 Inch ...and WOW I so want to try this... yours came out fabulous!!! Great job!!

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