Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Neon D.I.Y.

Inspired by the original DIY designs of HonestlyWTF.com...I stumped upon a fabulous necklace I wanted to re-create!

:So I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up:

-Two packets of assorted sized gold colored rings
-Neon pink nylon cord 
-A lighter

:Layout the design you want before you begin, and take a picture of it so you remember your end goal:

-Wrap the nylon cord around two rings, three times-
-Tie the ends in a knot, and snip off as much excess string from each end of the knot-
-Use the lighter to melt the nylon, fusing the knot you created together-

:Create similar knots for the piece that goes around your neck, only trimming and melting one side, to create a seamless look:

And Finished! 

Now you have a large statement necklace with perfect neon color for spring!

Have a crafty Tuesday,

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