Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Caffeine please!

I like things that are sweet and sugary...so of course, I like my coffee with lots of extra love added to it :)...

Here are a few coffee inspired things & accessories:

:Starbucks, my one true love.  I usually order a skinny vanilla latte when I want to indulge:

:These monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie are simply adorable!:

:Such a genius mug, enough room for coffee and a treat :)

:OH my, this latte, coffee, espresso maker is dreamy:

Favorite quote of the moment, perfectly describes somebody too.... :)

Hope you have a fabulous caffeine fix, whenever in the day it may be



Alexis @bloomedinjune said...

oh i LOVE coffee...and any form of caffeine!

HeatherAMarie said...

haha that quote is cute! i want one of those expresso makers soooo bad!

cute blog!

Sarah Lynne said...

alexis- yes caffeine is definitely addicting, especially when Starbucks makes it look so precious!

Heather- that's my new favorite quote! glad you like my blog, thank you :)

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