Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pretty in Pink

I love the way the sunlight hits my room in the morning...
Although the colors may be bright and fun...I still find my room relaxing :)

:My comforter is PB teen from a few years back, my sheets have pink flamingos on them, and the rose curtain above my bed is from an old antique store in Texas:

:This princess piggy is from Target, Love her !:

:Newest collage of things I love: 

:Favorite Frame, notice I edited the picture on the inside so my pink stripes stood out...sooo dorky!:

:I created this vase out of an old Fuze Bottle, underneath are magazine cut-outs covered by clear packaging tape:

Can't wait till I go back to college for the year, the room in my apartment is a bright antique heaven!


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