Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wish you were here...

Since I was awake before the crack of dawn this morning for yet another day of work, I'm in need of a vacaction :)...enjoy!

I visited last summer and would love a trip back.  The city is full of life, fashion, and the cutting edge of everything!

:Where ever this Starbucks is...:
Take me there!  What a fun place to work.

This looks straight out of a fairy-tale, how perfect!

:Mykonos, Greece:
Look at that view, you can even get pillows to match the ocean :)  Breathtaking!

:Phuket, Thailand:
Exotically beautiful, I'd be happy floating in that boat all day!

:New York City:
Although I was born in New York, i've never been to this historic place :).

Where ever the road, sky, or ocean takes you this summer, happy travels!

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