Friday, February 3, 2012


Loving the motorcycle chic look lately!
I think these stunning Free People finds are adequate inspiration for a much needed trip to the mall...
Time to break open my piggy bank :)

)Free People Red Leather Jacket(

)Free People Vegan Leather Skirt(
)totally obsessed with the polka dot tights too(

)Free People Aegean Leather Pants in a to DIE for blue!(

Happy leather shopping!


ashleighjoan said...

Love the green blouse in the last photo!

Hannah said...

i love love love the red jacket sarah!! i replied to your comment but idk if replies get notified or not- but my camera is a nikon d70! i absolutely love it!

Sarah Lynne said...

thank you !! its a fun color isn't it :)!

what a fab camera, lucky girl! Target has this new pink Nikon one that I have been keeping my eye on :)

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