Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gold dusted

Today I happily accompanied my mother on a must needed trip to Anthropologie...
I would like to share the fabulous items we scored today !

:My mom is obsessed with Tennis, look closely and you will see that the eyelet lace details are actually tennis rackets!:
)Grass Court Dress $168(

:Wish I would have had this gold dress for new years, now it will probably be put to use for my 21st birthday:
)Chardonnay Sheen Dress $50 on sale(

:& I had to snag these glittery tights to compliment the sparkle:
)Gleaming Tights $10 on sale(

My obsession with this store is getting out of control...
oh well, whats a girl to do ;)

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Alicia Michelle said...

omg that tennis dress is adorable! it is the ultimate preppy dress!

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