Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Goodness, sorry I have been MIA this whole month!

Between finals, shopping, baking, and wrapping presents I am up to my ears in all things Christmas...
but I love it :)

I thought I would share the fabulous Christmas Eve outfit I bought @ American Apparel just the other day, along with a few added accessories that I already own.

:You are probably thinking...why in the world did she buy a body suit?!  Trust me, they may appear to be uncomfortable, but they are the best invention for wearing a skirt over riding up :)!
I snagged this cherry red American Apparel number for $32 :

:This Cindy Lou Who look-a-like skirt was only $38 at American Apparel and looks fabulous over the red top:

:Looped Fleece Vest from Anthropologie, originally $228 reduced to $40, I just about died when I saw the fabulous sale price...and it's 100% wool:

I am going to pair this outfit with some black leggings, a big beaded white necklace, and my mothers vintage green velvet heels :)

Hope your Holiday is a merry one :)

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