Wednesday, October 26, 2011


The snow has finally arrived...
:The view from my balcony, brrrr...:

As much as I despise walking to class in it, now I have an excuse to wear my cute winter clothes :)
Here are a few chilly weather necessities I never leave my home without...

:A red pea with gold buttons brings a nice pop of color to dull winter clothing, this can be found @ Jcrew I own my mother's old red pea coat from the 80's and it matches with EVERYthing!:

:Karl Donoghue Fluffy earmuffs found here:

:Funky gloves to spice up your outfit, found here:

Have a warm&fuzzy day (:



HeatherAMarie said...

the snow is so beautiful though! can't believe you got some already!

Sarah Lynne said...

Yes most definitely ! We have about 7 inches and counting!

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